Monday, May 3, 2010

Twit in Chief

Why is President Barack Obama twittering? More specifically, why is President Obama twittering the following message on the Monday following the exposure of his administration as first responder hacks in the face of a libtard's bread and butter issue of environmental rape and slaughter and the attempted car bombing of Times Square by a "middle-aged white guy" and the riotous anti-anti-illegal immigration demonstrations spurred in part by the President's own fear of his daughter's unfinished ice cream cones melting in the curb where her father lays beaten and bloody after being "harrassed" by Arizona law enforcement:

At 4:30 p.m. ET, join David Plouffe for a strategy session on #OFA's plan for 2010 and how you can get involved.
This is the President of the United States tweeting this!

Let's say it again: the President of the United States!

His picture is next to the tweet. Tweeting about Organizing for America, a non-Executive Branch, private sector organization, albeit the successor organization to Obama's campaign, the one through which the president can permanently campaign on all his little diabolical programs to change the country.

Still, he's President now. And what's he tweeting? A reminder about a call-in strategy session, conducted by David Plouffe, now a public servant in the employ of the Executive Office of the President, for Democrats on how in November not to end up zipped up in a full body leather outfit and mask with an S&M ball shoved in their maw and chain around their neck tied to a rusting old radiator in a basement of an abandoned house in Detroit.

That tweet goes into the great big bin of official presidential communications.

Unlike all of President George Bush's tweets about Halliburton's contracting strategy, there are no madeup words or mispellings, so we have to give Obama some props on that.

Still, who is this guy? Some kind of community organizer?

SBD is heartened by the fact that the President of the United States has to tweet his tweeps about a strategy session to stave off the November implosion. The loyal opposition is doing something right. But how weak is this man in his understanding of his responsibility to this nation that he sends out that tweet. That it's on his schedule to send that out. Even that it's on his flack's schedule to send that out under his name.

There is no dignity left in the office nor sense of decorum nor sense of the appropriate when the President feels this level of comfort in sending out reminders about his own personal independent fund raising organization.

As Americans, we strive to respect the Office of the President, to instill in our children the same respect, even when we disagree with the man occupying the office, but it's very, very hard these days.

To wit, what a punk.


Well, I guess the first message wasn't enough for the Twit in Chief's tweeps.

You stay focused, Mr. President!