Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Googleopoly

There’s no net "economic" growth or net "job" creation in a “free” Internet sector model -- only: a deflationary price spiral; net negative growth, property devaluation, job losses, and monopolization. Over 20 industries, 200+ US/EU companies, and hundreds of thousands of jobs are at risk from Googleopoly’s anti- competitive price deflationary spiral.


Google has systematically assembled all the building blocks in the “stack” of necessary capabilities to become the dominant platform of the consumer Internet media ecosystem: a winner take all dynamic; omniscient mission and omni-directional ambition; omnivorous info collection; Internet omnipresence; Internet scalable infrastructure; omnifarious products, services & info types; Internet behavior omniscience; and omnivorous ecosystem share.


There is more at stake than competition from a global information access bottleneck; Googleopoly threatens economic growth, jobs, privacy, intel. property, a free press, fair elections, cyber-security, & sovereignty.

In other words, er picture . . .