Friday, September 30, 2011


Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA


When you need to get there fast, pull the tab on this hop monster. 10% abv. One can puts you in the can. The color of urine left unflushed in an office urinal late on a Friday. Gold with a cloudy cast. Smell? Like beer, of course, but actually malty. Despite hop profile, you'll still be able to feel the early Fall cool air on your tongue as you lay mouth agape in a stupor on the bird shit stained couch on your deck. A good beer to share with a friend. But you don't have any friends, which is why you're drunk on Oskar Blues alone on your deck on a Friday night. You want a session beer? Get some fucking friends and go to a bar. Otherwise, hit your deck alone with a quad of Gubnas and let the squeak of flying squirrels occupy your thoughts. Gubnight. Sent from my iPhone

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