Monday, November 7, 2011

Some Advice to OWS

A brief message to the rapists, puppetry artists, and lice groomers occupying various public spaces across our great land:

It is bad policy to represent a political system as having no charm but for robbers and assassins, and no natural origin but in the brains of fools and madmen, when experience has proved that the great danger of the system consists in the peculiar fascination it is calculated to exert on noble and imaginative spirits; on all those who, in the amiable intoxication of youthful benevolence, are apt to mistake their own best virtues and choicest powers for the average qualities and attributes of the human character.

-- Samuel Taylor Coleridge to Edmund Burke, as quoted in Political Thought of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Reginald James White, 1938.
OK, that's all.  You may return to your raping, puppetry and nit picking, you sorry sons of bitches.