Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1 - Victims of Communism Day

Because in some quarters of the world today is International Workers' Day, in other quarters it is Victims of Communism Remembrance Day.  You are either in one camp or the other.  No "buts"' allowed today.

And I'm not going to insert any of the symbols or propaganda of socialism or communism in this space today.

No Red Stars.

No hammers and sickles.

No giant red flags.

No pop art posters showing square jawed, buzz cut commies looking forward into the future while standing on the necks of running dogs and wreckers.

No pictures of Obama.

Useful idiots this very second are making ready with all of that crap to march in capitals around the world hailing socialism's triumphs.  And yeah, socialism, communism, whatever.

You fuckers march on the bones of more than 100 million victims to your religion.

We aren't forgetting them.  We aren't forgiving you.