Thursday, February 26, 2009

Luxury Tax

Here we see Sydney Brillo Duodenum's newly acquired (or soon to be) yacht! Friends may be surprised to find that SBD is financially positioned to set sail at will, but these are new times. Of course, SBD does not have full ownership in this yacht. He has a fractional ownership, somewhat like that offered by those evildoers at NetJets. Unlike NetJets, SBD's use of the yacht will not cause the slow strangulation of the planet under a cloud of bilious carbon gases.

And you may ask, "SBD, how did you come into this fractional yacht ownership? Last we checked, your friends were picking up the tab for $200 bottles of wine at dinner parties you arranged!"

True enough, but in the new Omnibus spending bill, there is an earmark of $238,000 to the Polynesian Voyaging Society (Honolulu, HI). Earmarks are federal tax payer dollars. SBD is a federal tax payer. Hence, SBD is now a fractional owner in a Polynesian yacht.