Wednesday, August 26, 2009

About That Kennedy

Sydney Brillo Duodenum's Catholic stringer Saul Menowitz weighs in on the passing of the Irish Chieftain .

Sorry, but I just can't get all weepy about his passing. My only real concern is that BHO not be able to use this "tragedy" to push death care through.

How should I feel about this? Ted is responsible for the death of a young girl, which, so far, has not been mentioned by the MSM, to my knowledge. It should be the lead in his obit.

He is a traitor to his faith, having caused great scandal in the Church, as the term scandal is used in the Church - causing confusion and leading people away from the Truth. He was a fanatic pro-abort pol.

His vision of America is contrary to mine in almost every way. He was a tax cheat, or at best used whatever legal means he could to avoid taxes, while advocating raising taxes on peeps like me.

He never ran a business, but traded on his family's name. He was a hypocrite - using his wealth and power to prevent a wind farm off of his Hyannis Port home, while promoting environmentalism regardless of the cost to the average, hardworking American.

That being said, he suffered greatly - having to witness the assassinations of his two brothers and identifying the remains of his nephew, who was supposed to bear the torch for Camelot. But then again, he probably got to hear firsthand accounts of what Marilyn Monroe looked like naked from his brothers. But I digress.

About the only thing I liked about him is that he was a drunk and Irish. But I can't say I'm sorry he's dead.

I'll pray for him. I'll pray that God's mercy overwhelms His justice, because I think Ted deserves to rot in Hell for his crimes. I'm not sorry he's dead, and I hope his version of America dies with him.