Wednesday, November 4, 2009

About those elections . . .


Now listen Christie you fat fuck and McDonnel with your Bob Forehead Hair and you small pikers in those super wealthy NY counties and burgs: don't fuck it up by being all centrist and buddy-buddy with Democrats. They hate your fucking guts. And the voters that voted against you do too. So fuck them, too. And the independents who voted for you this time, fuck them as well. Govern by your principles. Conservatism is by definition unpopular and so you will barely break 50 percent by the end of your first terms. Why? Because you won't be handing out candy, right? You won't be glad handing special interest groups, right? You'll be cutting government operations and vetoing bills "for the children," right?

Repeat after SBD: limited constitutional government, smaller government operations, low taxes, law and order; veto every fucking nanny state transfat, anti-smoking, cellphone hating, eco-scolding piece of legislation that comes to your desk.

If you claim to be a conservative, then, goddamnit, act like one. Sign not one bill that raises one further penny for any government operation of any sort. Sign only bills repealing bureaucracy. Sign executive orders returning freedom to citizens to do what they please to build small kingdoms of entreprenuership for themselves and to maintain their happiness. Tell your citizens that they are responsible for themselves and you are going to help them get there by getting out of the way. Willy-nilly cut government employees 10 or 15 percent. Throw them into the street. Enforce the laws that matter, crush the gangs.

Stick to common sense and stay the fuck out of our lives.

Be the anti-Obamas.