Friday, April 8, 2011

It Burns!

Perhaps not the best e-mail to send around on Shutdown Friday:
Attached is guidance issued by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel this week as a result of President Obama’s officially declaring his candidacy for reelection.  The guidance is a reminder that because the President is now a declared candidate, the Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from displaying his picture in the federal workplace unless (1) the image is an official photograph such as the photos of the President and Vice President that traditionally hang in government offices; or (2) the photo is a personal photo of the employee with the President at a non-political event that was already displayed in the employee’s office prior to the President’s declaration of his candidacy.

The Office of Special Counsel advises that employees should take down images of the President that they may have posted in their workspaces that do not meet either of these criteria, and, while on official duty or in the Federal workspace, should refrain from wearing buttons, lanyards, t-shirts and other apparel, and from displaying campaign posters, bumper stickers or buttons in their offices that include an image of the President or that are otherwise directed toward the success or failure of his candidacy.