Friday, April 22, 2011

A Note on the Commie Holiday

In celebration of Earth Day, it behooves us to quote one of this country's greatest conservationists:

"What is a conservative after all but one who conserves, one who is committed to protecting and holding close the things by which we live... And we want to protect and conserve the land on which we live -- our countryside, our rivers and mountains, our plains and meadows and forests.  This is our patrimony.  This is what we leave to our children.  And our great moral responsibility is to leave it to them either as we found it or better than we found it."

Remarks at dedication of National Geographic Society new headquarters building, June 19, 1984

And this:

"If we've learned any lessons during the past few decades, perhaps the most important is that preservation of our environment is not a partisan challenge; it's common sense. Our physical health, our social happiness, and our economic well-being will be sustained only by all of us working in partnership as thoughtful, effective stewards of our natural resources."

Remarks on signing annual report of Council on Environmental Quality, July 11, 1984
That's right:  President Ronald Reagan

H/T: Republicans for Environmental Protection (they seem like a false flag operation to me, but hey, thanks for the quotes)