Thursday, March 5, 2009

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The Democratic National Commitee is holding a small competition targetting Rush Limbaugh. Come up with a witty slogan for a billboard that will be placed in West Palm Beach, FL, which the DNC believes is Rush's hometown, even though he lives on a beach front estate in Palm Beach, FL, about ten miles east; a billboard he will never see from his $480,000 Maybach or his private jet. Entries are limited to ten words or less.

SBD has put all his hopes into this entry:

Rush Limbaugh Drinks Obama's Milkshake.

It's not likely to win, but the competition is open to all, so why not participate? Several times.

SBD's other entries:

Operation Chaos Paid For This Sign

Rush Singles Out The President Using Fascist Big Media Ads

Rush's Cigar Offers More Stimulus Than the President

This Is How Democrats Spend Rubes' Money, Like Obama

Yes, the last one is lame.