Tuesday, March 3, 2009

That Special Relationship

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in town this week to be snubbed by His Royal Highhandedness BHO in order to ensure that no one is any longer under the impression that any kind of special relationship exists between the United States and Britain. Snubbing is the order of the day when it comes to HRH BHO and the United Kingdom. In a disgusting, amateurish, and petty maneuver, Churchill no longer broods over the Oval Office rug that so captivated Bill Clinton, his bust having been banished to the British Ambassador's residence on Massachusetts Ave, just down from Sheriff Joe's pork farm.

Before being treated like a breakfast banger on a plate in front of a Kings Cross chav, Brown had high hopes for his trip. What with Britain collapsing under the same stupidity afflicting America and with not even a pebble left in his arsenal to do anything about it, there was no better time for Brown to fly to Washington and cozy up with a fellow liberal fascist. After all, Brits "voted" for Barack Obama in droves, so a high profile meeting with HRH BHO could only help the actually-elected Brown's own political situation and improve his dismal chances for re-election. Also, seeing as how Britain is completely out of money (aren't we all!), Brown needs another kind of bailout and that HRH BHO fellow seems to have handle on about a trillion necessary things. Brown's problem is that HRH BHO has not yet gotten it into his head that it is his job to save the whole planet, not just the United States. Silly man, that's for the second 100 days.

Thus, we have two men who understand nothing of free markets, entrepreneurialism, individual freedom, constitutionalism, economics, and human nature, and know too much about government printing presses, glad handing about DC. It's a special relationship, indeed. One hopes Brown can stay for the Wednesday night cocktail party at the White House. We hear they are grand affairs. He may even catch a glimpse of HRH Michele's Michael Kors-framed guns.

Little does Brown understand that in addition to a severe resentment and anger at America, which enfolds his deep desire to see her brought low before he can "save" it, HRH BHO also has deep resentment and anger for the way the British Empire treated his ancestral homeland Kenya, home to the father that abandoned HRH BHO with his white mother in cowardly racist America. HRH BHO will do nothing for Brown but appear in pictures that raise questions about their dental hygiene and choice in footwear. Let's remember that Brown is Tony Blair's successor. Brown is not Britain's George Bush; he's not some Before Barack holdover; he's not a free market conservative or Thatcherite or some other hero from the past that HRH BHO has to meet to be nicey-nicey with to demonstrate his New Age Diplomacy but secretly hates because he represents the discredited philosophies of western civilization, parliamentary democracy and constitutional republicanism. Brown's a life long practitioner of HRH BHO's dark arts. He's lived the Agenda. He is one of its architects. He was Chancellor of the Exchequer under Blair, the Timmy Geithner of the British Cabinet; the wielder of the Red Budget Box. Like his boss before him, Brown has been quite lavish in his public spending and thus left the country with nothing to fight the global downturn. Brown is where HRH BHO, and by extension the rest of us, will be in four years. A deep dark hole of his own making with nobody to bail him out. HRH BHO does not want anyone to focus on Brown or Labour. Britain's present situation is an immediate indictment of everything HRH BHO has planned for the United States and thus Brown is a potential distraction and harbinger of the future.

What Britain needs and likely never have again is identified by Commentary's Peter Wehner:
On March 3, 1980, Thatcher (now Prime Minister) delivered an address whose main burden was placed on the role of the state and the right of the individual to freedom from state interference. “The first principle of this government… is to revive a sense of individual responsibility,” she said. She went on to say, “What we need is a strong state determined to maintain in good repair the frame which surrounds society. But the frame should not be so heavy or so elaborate as to dominate the whole picture. Ordinary men and women who are neither poor nor suffering should not look to the state as a universal provider.” And she then listed the layers of illusion that “has smothered our moral sense”:

The illusion that government can be a universal provider, and yet society still stay free and prosperous. The illusion that government can print money, and yet the nation still have sound money. The illusion that every loss can be covered by a subsidy. The illusion that we can break the link between reward and effort, and still get the reward.

This is the philosophy that President Obama and his team of propeller heads are seeking to discredit and reverse. The President, facing an economic crisis that demanded action (particularly in the realm of our financial system and credit flow), used this opportunity to attempt a staggering power grab by the federal government. His plans would enlarge its reach and scope beyond anything in our lifetime. And so Barack Obama — supremely ambitious, young, and new — has revived an age-old debate over how the economy works. He is casting his lot with collectivists and statists; his intent is to put us on a glide path to European-style socialism. Unless he is able to suspend the laws of economics, I rather doubt Obama will succeed. As a result, he may end up not repudiating Thatcherism and Reaganism, but revivifying them.

Unfortunately, socialist and fascist experiments rarely end quietly or well.