Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Empty Tomb

Many of us filled pews to celebrate the empty tomb today. SBD was there as he is a two time man. Generally he attends on Christmas and he attends on Easter. Beginning and end. Really beginning and beginning of the unend. Anyway, he's typical that way. His shame and distance from the Church is typical that way. He has no real excuse other than a continuing lack of faith. He is neither aspiritual nor atheist. Faith does not occupy him.

Still, faith occupies the empty tomb. A multitude dwells in the empty tomb. There is no hope without the empty tomb. There is no life without the empty tomb. The empty tomb can hold all. SBD supposes there is a spot for him but he's not ready to enter. SBD is probably already in the empty tomb but just won't admit it. The Lord abides.