Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Most Successful Flyover

Sydney Brillo Duodenum is a fan and generator of conspiracy theories. He has a theory about the errant “Air Force One” flight over New York City. It is Sydney Brillo Duodenum’s rabidly held belief that this flight is solely the work of a frustrated element of the American military. Of course, one could argue that "the frustrated element" of the American military is the entire American military, so this particular conspiracy comes courtesy of the 89th Airlift Wing.

For the past month, we have witnessed a President abroad apologizing for America’s 8 year resolve to defend itself. We have seen a US President bow before a Saudi king. We have seen him exchange a soul-brother grasp with a prominent South American fascist dictator. We have seen him sit silently for 45 minutes while another two-bit commie thug excoriates America and we have seen the President respond that he was only three years old when it committed the crimes lectured upon. We have seen a Pentagon announce ill-considered, politicized cuts in aspects of our military profile, such as missile defense. At home, we have heard the President suggest that former Bush administration personnel should be considered for prosecution for their legal analysis of harsh interrogation of terrorists directly responsible for the September 11 murders. Several days after that, the administration agreed to release photos of said so-called interrogations.

We are to believe the context for all of this is that, for eight years, these United States have acted without reason, have reacted irresponsibly to murder of its civilians, have unleashed professional soldiers on misunderstood brown peoples, have serially and unreasonably tortured innocent teenagers, and have abridged the world’s US Constitutional rights. Nothing that happened on that bright sunny September day warranted the past 8 years. Or so we are told.

After a month of Obama misdirection, sickening apologies, and messiah mirroring, a good many Americans have been infused with shameful doubt about their country and themselves.

Which brings us back to our allegedly scheduled PR flight of one of the 747s used for the Air Force One fleet. Certainly, a modicum of warning was delivered by the White House to the appropriate bureaucratic moles in New York City, indicating a million mile removal from reality such that it did not see the effect such a flight would have on New Yorkers and the nation. Why? Because that hole in the ground is just a PR opportunity for them. It has no meaning beyond its political usefulness, either as a tool to chastise Americans for their overreactions or as a tool to remind Americans who’s in the Executive seat. There is no amount of "heads up" that could be given to prepare the city for the flyover that took place. It's an affront at all altitudes.

But certainly those responsible for actually managing the use of the aircraft, the 89th Airlift Wing, knew this flight would be sensitive and provocative. “Oh, you want to buzz New York City for some photos. Um, certainly, sir. And you want F-16s trailing it as well, while photos are being taken? No sir, not a problem at all, sir. The Air Force always likes to be in the air, even for public relations photo ops designed to create an image of President Obama as the Great Protector. Yes, sir, sorry, sir. No, sir we will not make a big deal out of it, sir. Yes, sir, we will keep it quiet, sir. Last minute notice? Oh, certainly, sir. Yes, sir, makes perfect sense. How about a Monday morning, sir, just after everyone gets to work in the city? Agreed sir, not before lunch. And you want that 5,000 off the ground? May I recommend a 1000, sir? That will make for some very nice photos, sir.” Later, to men and women of the 89th: “Ladies and Gentlemen – the White House wants to buzz New York City next week to get some promotional photos and videos that the White House can use to hand out to big time contributors and use for campaign spots for the coming 2012 election. Let’s help them be very successful at this flyover and get a really accurate picture of the Obama administration, er rather, for the Obama administration (snicker, snicker).”

And it was indeed a very successful flyover. As some say, Mission Accomplished!