Friday, January 30, 2009

First Taste - Grozet

Grozet Gooseberry and Wheat Ale

Brewer: Heather Ale Ltd, Scotland, UK

Marketing BS: "Grozet - Auld Scots for Gooseberry. Since the 16th Century Scots monks and Alewives have brewed special concoctions from a blend of malts, wild spices and ripe gooseberries. Bringing together these various ingredients in a beer the brewer attempts to offer a drink which is refreshing, full of flavour and a pleasure to consume. Amongst the Scots literati of the 19th Century the Green Grozet was immortalized as "a most convivial drink."

Marketing Translation: Dinnae mess wi' th' scots, ye dobber.

Setting: Couch in front of television showing a NASA moon buggy of some sort disgorging an astronaut in front of President Obama's Inaugural viewing stand.

Bottle/Label: Brown bottle for brew preservation. Label is some horrible New Age/Druid nonsense designed by Glasgow School of Art students and is supposed to borrow from 1st millennium Celtic maze design. Looks like an amputated ear.

The Pull: Whisper soft, like the heather blowing on the moors.

Alcohol Content: Absolutely pathetic at 5%.

Method of Imbibation: A POM pomegranate recyclable glass.

First Swig: Cloudy, heather gold. A sufficient head. Sweet and refreshing. Drinks easy. But where are the spices? And where is the bogmyrtle hiding in the quaff? Hey, wait a minute, just what the hell is bogmyrtle?

Competition: Well, if must have fruit in your beer, then Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Recommendation: No, not really. SBD likes his beer to taste like beer, not a goddamned fruit.

Note: This post should have been put up last week, but it was lost in a toxic haze of violent vomiting and gatrointestinal mayhem brought on by Post-Inaugural Stress Syndrome. -- SBD