Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Run Away, Run Away!!!

Powerline provides some video, sourced from WeaselZippers, of the forces of totalitarian oppression marching in the streets of London. Essentially, it's eight or so shameful minutes of British bobbies walking hastily before a chanting mob of jihadis, while having various street items - traffic cones, sticks, signs - lobbed at their backs and being called cowards, about which is the only thing one could agree with those fascists. Although the British have a "run away, run away" policy history, those bobbies looked like, well, the Keystone cops scurrying down the street. Speed up the video for the full effect. You can't give ground like that, especially after the protesters start to throw stuff at you. They can march, but the minute they throw shit, you have to run them down with horses into Thames. But England has lost its confidence. It believes in nothing. It's police force is a mockery. Britain's only hope is MI5, the domestic spy department, which is a sick state of affairs to be in.

The protesters clearly wanted to fight the police so they could escalate and begin a thousand nights of burning cars like their brothers in the French banlieues. Those nights are coming anyway, which is why British authorities need to demonstrate resolve now. But they won't because they reflect their weak national government, which is wholly predicated now on not offending immigrant populations and actively working against their assimilation, even though those populations have emigrated for the sole purpose of destroying Britain and its western culture, albeit while on the dole the entire time. Ironically, Britain's nannies are doing this in the name of western democracy and freedom. British bureaucracy is fully geared towards a hyper-enforcement of immigrants "rights," which means in practice not allowing anything that "offends" them. Well, what offends them most is western culture and freedom.

Those marches are not so much about the Palestinians as they are about the Jews. The protests in western cities in the past week are not anti-Israel. They are anti-Jew. There is a huge difference. Western civilization rises or falls depending on how it treats its Jews. Jews are the ultimate assimilationists. They have survived by going along to get along. Western republicanism offered them the ability to live in the open as free and equal men and women. Sounds hokey, but given the long history as a people, their experience of freedom in the western world is a mere blip so far, and one following their darkest scrape with human evil. They are once again in a precarious position and to demonstrate any weakness in support of them is to give up ground to the totalitarians. That is where Europe is today. One can argue about Israeli tactics, strategy, mode of self-defense, influence on US policy, even the legitimacy of the Jewish state, but it doesn't matter to these nutters. Even if Israel had not been carved from the desert, the Jews would still be hated, hounded and be enemy number one, and to allow demonstrations like the one in London and other western capitals to go uncontested is a grim sign. It's one thing to hold up a sign saying "Israel Out of Gaza" - they tried that, remember? - and entirely another to hold up a sign that says "Palestine from the River to the Sea."