Friday, January 30, 2009


Sydney Brillo Duodenum is pleased to hear that Michale Steele, former Lt. Gov. of SBD's home state of Maryland, has been chosen to the lead the Republican National Committee. This is very good news for the Republican Party. He is as close to a fresh face as the Republicans could hope to muster. We should fully expect Democrat asshats to claim Steele is some kind of cynical race card the Republicans are trying to play, but don't buy into that crap. Steele is a solid, proven conservative.

Steele is essentially the anti-Obama. Whereas Obama was raised by a socialist flake in Hawaii, Steele's mother was a hardworking laundress in working class Maryland. While Obama was testing out various pharmaceuticals, Steele was studying to be a priest. Whereas Obama learned his political skills in the unchallenging leftist environment of Chicago, Steele plied his conservatives principles in Bluetard Maryland. Based on watching him these past couple of years on Fox, he can represent conservative principles and knows how to push back on jackasses like Bill Maher and Steve Colbert and Alan Colmes and the rest of the nitwit liberal brigade. Having been head of GOPAC, we know he can raise money. Steele lost his Senate run to the unsufferable Ben "Bloomberg" Cardin in 2006.

Steele has nice shirts, but his tailor should consider reducing the amount of suit jacket material around his underarms, as it tends to bunch up when he appears on TV. Also, his mustache is a little cheesy, but we're looking past that right now. He also wears Sarah Palin glasses.

But if Steele doesn't deliver the money and the message, his ass needs to be thrown into the street.