Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Company

League of Extraordinary Economic Gentlemen leader, Timothy Geithner, arises to the post of Secretary of Treasury upon satisfaction of a voice vote in the United States Senate. Geithner joins the small club of luminaries to hold that roll - Hamilton, Taney, Chase, Folger, Mellon, Morganthau, Shultz, Regan, Baker, Bentsen, Rubin, Summers, O'Neil, Snow and Paulson, to name too many.

Based on information brought to light during his confirmation hearings, Secretary Geithner joins another group of luminaries - Abbott and Costello, Joe Louis, Sammy Davis, Jr., Pete Rose, Redd Fox, Wesley Snipes, Leona Helmsley, Al Capone, Willie Nelson, Marc Rich, Webster Hubbell, and Charlie Rangel, to name too few.

Those would be tax cheats.