Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tom Friedman is An Ass, Still

There is no better way to begin the New Era of Hopeful Change than to turn to one of the high priests of Hopeful Change, New York Times Colonostimist Tom Friedman:

But we cannot let this be the last mold we break, let alone the last big mission we accomplish. Now that we have overcome biography, we need to write some new history — one that will reboot, revive and reinvigorate America. That, for me, was the essence of Obama’s inaugural speech and I hope we — and he — are really up to it.

Indeed, dare I say, I hope Obama really has been palling around all these years with that old Chicago radical Bill Ayers. I hope Obama really is a closet radical.

Not radical left or right, just a radical, because this is a radical moment. It is a moment for radical departures from business as usual in so many areas. We can’t thrive as a country any longer by coasting on our reputation, by postponing solutions to every big problem that might involve some pain and by telling ourselves that dramatic new initiatives — like a gasoline tax, national health care or banking reform — are too hard or “off the table.” [Gosh, how positively radical and yet somehow lefty - SBD] So my most fervent hope about President Obama is that he will be as radical as this moment — that he will put everything on the table.

Oh, dare to dream, Mr. Friedman, dare to dream! Again you deftly demonstrate the left's cozy relationship and adoration of its heroes and old soldiers, such as Mr. Ayers. Mr. Ayers continues to have cache and street cred - a man who has produced nothing, helped no one, and spent his life attempting to destroy this country, of late by focusing, with President Obama, on the tender intellects of its children with "education reform."

Maybe, Mr. Friedman, President Obama will be as radical as your incredibly imaginative and radical buddy Ramalinga Raju, the Indian Bernie Madoff.

I've added something I got from my friend Ramalinga Raju from Satyam, the Indian company. We [!?!]decided that the greatest economic competition in the world going forward is not going to be between countries and countries. And it's not going to be between companies and companies. The greatest economic competition going forward is going to be between you and your own imagination. Your ability to act on your imagination is going to be so decisive in driving your future and the standard of living in your country. So the school, the state, the country that empowers, nurtures, enables imagination among its students and citizens, that's who's going to be the winner.
Raju's bail hearing is on January 22. Wonder how imaginative the Indian Court will be?

There always seem to be a bail hearing in the past of liberal's heroes and imagineers.