Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guns, guns, guns!

A friend relates his visit to a Denver area gun shop:

The owners said weapons, esp. shotguns, pistols with lasers and AR15s, are flying off the shelves. On Thursday night, the shop got in 30,000 rounds of ammo. By Sat afternoon when we arrived, they had 2,000 rounds left. They have 15 AR15s on order and 9 of them already have deposits on them.

When I asked the instructor in front of the class for his opinion as to why gun sales are up and his courses are fully booked for the next six months, he said, "People are just worried about the economy." But later, when I was alone with him, he said, "You know that question you asked me earlier? Well, the real answer, at least based on what people are telling me in confidence, is two words: Barrack Obama. Not gonna say any more about that."
There is hope yet that the People, when they perceive in their gut that a man who promises everything - "whatever it takes" - on behalf of the government can also demand anything on behalf of the government. It will seem silly to your average coastal elite this primitive response to hope and change by gunning up, but most Americans remain suspicious tribalists who take their fundamental liberties quite seriously.

Sydney Brillo Duodenum will make some broad generalizations, as follows:

Liberals reflect their understanding of their constitutional rights in libertinism, laissez faire personal behavior, and the communal involvement and forced participation in the same. They look to the government to protect their behaviors and to enforce their behaviors on society at large. They take solace in government as personal protector.

Conservatives reflect their understanding of their constitutional rights in self-reliance, individual liberty, happiness (virtue), and their own share of libertinism and laissez faire personal behavior. They take solace in themselves and their personal alliances as protector. The average American also takes solace in the Second Amendment and its plain meaning of the right to bear arms to protect and defend their other rights. Many of these average Americans don't own firearms, though. Years of liberal abuse of the art and mentality of self-preservation and preparedness have chipped away at the edifice of common sense that once informed a free people that they must stand ready to be the highest unit of order in society,let alone in their home or on their street. Still, most Americans maintain an instinctual understanding of the Constitution and self-preservation and the average constitutional theorist and technician is invited to go fuck himself with his technical interpretations of these sacred rights. Obama is viewed as one such technician. Obama has promised that the government will do "whatever it takes" to protect and serve them and a lot of average Americans just don't believe it and just don't want it.