Monday, November 17, 2008

Leading Indicators of the Obama Bubble

President-elect Obama's transition web site now features His video address "Your Weekly Address", (wow, just for me!? (blush)) formatted as a YouTube video, currently shot in some nondescript wood paneled conference room in Chicago with an autographed basketball and legal books behind in the background, as well as an American flag that looks like it is about to topple onto His head. What, no picture of Michelle? To this man inhabiting the periphery of Jadedtown, USA, Obama comes off as a mid-level marketing manager using a cheap online conferencing website to discuss the latest advertising campaign with the sales force. We'll have to wait for Him to take His seat in the Oval Office before we get the full Spielberg treatment.

Meow parenthetical: (Even creepier is the video featuring Transition co-chair Valerie Jarrett, who no one in the world wants to know or get comfortable with, providing updates on the pace and success of the transition. Do we like giant herringbone jackets, Valerie? Maybe some of Palin's campaign wardrobe is available.)

According to the site, "President-elect Obama plans to publish these weekly updates through the Transition and then from the White House." Oh, joy, because otherwise we would not be informed of what the Supreme Being is doing, what with the hostile press and daily YouTube video attacks targeting the Mystery Agenda, which appears to be defined right now as "whatever it takes."

In the past these types of canned addresses and policy pipsqueaks have been reserved for radio, which few ever heard, and which at most a 5 second clip might be used by a mainstream media outlet. By moving the address to a YouTube format, President Obama will reach all of His nut roots on a weekly basis and will provide ready made, canned video for the press to play over and over and over and over as an example of how Mr. Obama is connecting directly with The People. You. He's talking to you buddy. Better upgrade your Internet connection to decrease the chance of messaging buffering. It would not surprise Sydney Brillo Duodenum to hear of Obama Club members gathering for Sunday brunch and communal viewing of the latest encyclical from his High Holiness. These videos could be the new mimosa.

Sydney Brillo Duodenum sees it simply as this: Mr. Calm views the American people as frightened children in need of soothing, dulcet goodness in regular doses. These weekly videos are only just the beginning. The Obama administration is shaping up to be the most highly orchestrated image and message machine in history.

To bitter clingers, it's just one more rose-colored decoration on the insufferability cake.

This country has witnessed a number of bubbles over the past 10-15 years - the dot com bubble, the housing bubble, the CSI spin off bubble, the euro bubble, the energy bubble, the Britney bubble. We are now witnessing the creation of the Obama bubble. It will not be pretty when it explodes.