Monday, November 10, 2008

Your Child's New Reading List

The aliens over at the American Federation of Teachers (or the Teachers' Union as humans call it) have recognized that their opportunity for world domination is now in the next phase of implementation and now are doubling their efforts to ensure that all the little cattle, er human children, are properly fattened on a steady diet of tripe and offal in the form of recommended class reading lists.

From the "recommended reading" list:

Use these resources to start or supplement your school or classroom

Pre-K and Early Elementary

Barack Obama: An American Story, by Roberta Edwards A
biographical work about Barack Obama's struggle with race and identity
throughout his life.

Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope, by Nikki Grimes
A biographical picture book about Obama's ability to find hope.

Late Elementary

Yes We Can: A Biography of Barack Obama, by Garen Thomas A
biography of Obama geared toward students ages 9-12.

Barack Obama: Voice of Unity, Hope, and Change, by Libby
Hughes A Biography of Obama that paints a vivid picture of Hawaii,
Indonesia, Kenya and Kansas as the scenery behind Obama's life.

Middle School

Barack Obama: Working to Make a Difference, by Marlene Targ
Bril Personal portrait of Obama bolstered by interviews with Obama's

Barack Obama: We Are One People, by Michael Schuman Written
for teens, this biography provides information about Obama's life, from
childhood through his upstart political career.

High School

Hopes and Dreams: The Story of Barack Obama, by Steve Dougherty An
up-to-the-moment biography of Obama.

Barack Obama: The Politics of Hope, by William Michael Davis
A biography of Obama by a former congressional staffer.

Somehow, the following tomes were left off the list:

Barack Obama: My Days in the Chicago New Party, by Barack Obama The 25th in Barack Obama's autobiography series. Although already well-documented in the mainstream media, this book provides new insights from the man himself of his membership in the socialist Chicago New Party.

Obama and Ayers: Education Radicals A frolicking trip through the heady days of Obama and Bill Ayers collaboration to raze the institutions of education in Chicago and rebuild them into activist hothouses.

G-D Damn BaracKKK Obama: A Rev. Wright Memoir A detailed remembrance by Rev. Wright of his time mentoring a young Barack Obama.

The New Little Red Book A complete guide to the ideology of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party

57 States, by Barack Obama Written for kindergartners, Barack Obama uses bold colors (red), fun shapes (including red stars and crescents!), happy silly animals (smart donkeys, dumbo elephants) to retrace his path to the presidency through all 57 states. A true keepsake for when Obama has done away with all the actual states and created One Big Happy World.

The Bus Driver's Almanac of Political Whitewashing, by Michael Barone A complete listing of all the friends, advisers, associates, family members and probably pets that Barack Obama has thrown under the bus since he became a national figure. As an added bonus, a complete biography of Clinton era hacks and cronies who are on Team Obama is included, with a special forward by Jamie Gorelick. Also includes a major index of all the promises Barack Obama broke before he was elected President. [Please note that this volume will be updated every six months to account for the rapidly changing Obama administration. Don't let your students fall behind on this critical information. Lock in your discount now.]

Your Mother and Father Are Selfish, Greedy Bastards, by Suze Orman and Austin Goolsbee. Renowned personal finance guru Orman and completely unknown economics flake Austin Goolsbee direct this volume at high schoolers attending exclusive private schools. Provides a complete exposition of how low tax rates are directly responsible for all the ills of the world. Provides work tables so children can estimate how much their parents are withholding from the government through questionable tax loopholes and charitable givings, and provides dedicated phone numbers, web sites and e-mail addresses where rich kids can contact the IRS to report their selfish, greedy parents. A sample chapter is viewable at pavlik morozov dot com.