Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Will the Plumbers Eat Now?

Syndey Brillo Duodenum is in Bangor, Maine today (virtually) and is perusing the Bangor News.

According to this article - Drop in Price Has Lobstermen Worried - lobstermen are getting but $2-$2.50 a pound for their catch, which is uneconomic for them. They claim to need a minimum of $4 a pound to stay above water.

And who is to blame? Icelanders, of course.

Icelandic banks have been the key lenders to Canadian lobster processors, which handle approximately 70 percent of the October Maine catch. Because of the global cash crash, Icelandic banks cash freezers are now empty, thus they cannot lend anymore Icelandic icekrooners or whatever the hell currency they use (Saul Menowitz might know the answer to that - French Francs?) to the Canadian processors, who now have no cash to purchase large sea borne insects.

So, there may be a shortage of Maine lobster for all you rich plumbers out there. SBD's talking to you, Joe, you selfish, rich bastard!